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  We'll Dress You

We had a very beautiful lady in the store today that said she left as a very happy customer.  Why you ask?  Because she entrusted us to fully wardrobe her.  It was a fun time dressing her from casual to very dressy.  She had an excellent attitiude and was open to new things going out of her "Box".  All in all a great time was had by all and now she doesn't need to stand in her closet and mindlessly stare at her clothing and not know where to start.

Are you one of these?  Give us a call,

I'm just sayin.....


Posted by Lisa on 3/30/2012  |  5:30 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Navy Neutral

 Hi everyone! 

I saw this ad and thought it may answer some questions regarding navy.  This season it's all about color.  So throw out all the old rules of navy with neutrals, think bright vivid color! 

Faye and Alex just marked SALE down....40%!



Posted by Michele A. on 3/30/2012  |  3:27 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  m mag is chalked full of faye's stuff!

M Mag did an awesome job featuring our stuff in this month's issue.
Our Safia necklace is on the cover (worn by Lindsay Stevens Gardner). We've got some colored denim, ipad cases and Rachel Zoe ballet flats in there too! Good issue-- worth a read for sure

Posted by CJ on 3/30/2012  |  10:25 AM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Pass The Popcorn, Please

I think it's very interesting to take stock of how our media habits have changed in the last few years with the advent of the Kindle...DVRs...the Start Over feature on our TVs...tablet computers...etc. 

One of my greatest joys used to be going to the movies.  Actually, I preferred to go alone on Mondays (my day off) late afternoon.  I would buy a bucket of popcorn bigger than my head and a soda and call it dinner.  Sometimes I would be the only person in the theatre: Private Screening!

But, now with MOVIES ON DEMAND and NetFlix on my iPad, I can't remember the last time I went to the theater.  This week alone I watched My Week With Marilyn and Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler!  A couple of weeks ago, I went thru an entire season of Downton Abbey on my iPad on a Sunday afternoon.

I love the convenience of my new habit.  And, I can't say that I really miss my Private Screenings!  Plus, the popcorn is better at home -- Rick makes it for me!

Now, the question is will I see Hunger Games when it's released for in-home viewing. I don't think so.  The premise is just so darn disturbing, isn't it?  Won't read the book either.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?

Do you find yourself viewing/reading differently these days?

Posted by Faye on 3/29/2012  |  12:52 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  my beauitful buds

I want to thank all of my models for doing a top knotch job on the Morning Blend last week. Many were my friends, so you know it was an extra extra fun one. What a rocker! Watch it on this link


Posted by CJ on 3/19/2012  |  11:10 AM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Random acts of kindness

Technology allows us the ability to not have to speak to someone directly if we find it uncomfortable.  We can text, email or Facebook.  I prefer to still hand write thank you notes and I will not communicate with my children in any of the manners I listed other then a quick text to say "get home", " where are you".  I prefer hearing their voices even for the smallest verbal interaction.  I understand that illness, divorce, children issues all can make people uncomfortable so here is where social media comes in handy.  Send a text, email, connect on Facebook or send a note to tell someone going through a tough time that you are thinking about them.  It takes but a minute to make the contact to let the struggling person or family know you have them in your thoughts.  One of my friends told me that her husband who went through cancer treatment has kept all the cards he had been sent.  That is how much it meant to him that people took the time to let him know they were thinking of him.  Think of someone who you know that could use a random act of kindness and make their day.

Posted by Linda L. on 3/18/2012  |  9:27 PM  |  Add/View Comments (1)

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  The Real Housewives vs The Frozen Planet

I am so looking forward to the premiere tomorrow night  of Discovery and BBC's The Frozen Planet.  Can't turn around without seeing trailers or hearing about it on NPR.  It's a seven episode series :

About Frozen Planet

 From the makers of Planet Earth and Life, Frozen Planet is the ultimate portrait of our earth's polar regions, where the scale and beauty of the scenery and sheer power of the natural elements are unlike anywhere else on the plane

A co-production of Discovery Channel and the BBC, and narrated by award-winning actor Alec Baldwin, Frozen Planet premieres on Sunday, March 18, at 8PM e/p. 

Watch with me?  Lemme know what you think.

Posted by Faye on 3/17/2012  |  9:08 AM  |  Add/View Comments (1)

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  Lovin' the colored denim!!

2 of the 4 B-girls are rocking bright & bold colored denim today!! The sun is shining bright, almost as bright as Dana's lemon yellows. And Sarah seems to be on the right track with her tangerine's-she even matches Kate Middelton!!!! You can rock the colors any way you like-but just make sure you have a pair! I love Kate's sporty look-I'm going to try it while I'm running errands on Sunday!!!!

Posted by Dana on 3/16/2012  |  4:41 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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We have great merchandise in for Spring even if I do say so myself....  You want color we have color.  As if it isn't enough that we have great merchandise in and color we are having a BOGO 1/2 off special.  Come in as soon as you can.

Posted by Linda L. on 3/12/2012  |  10:15 PM  |  Add/View Comments (1)

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  Packing For A Trip?

It's that time of year when so many of our customers come in looking for the perfect items to take on a trip.  I've compiled a list of my favorite "must haves" and here they are!

1. Tory Burch flip-flops (every girl needs a new pair).  We have a variety of colors that are perfect for the beach.

2. A Longchamp bag.  They are the perfect travel bag!  Easy enough to pack in your suitcase and use during the trip (or even as a carry-on).

3. Elizabeth and James sunglasses.  Find the perfect pair!

4. Our new Glam portable phone batteries.  Yes...you read that right, we just brought in a line of IPhone accessories.  They are a "need" for every traveling fashionista.  Just hook your phone up to this cute portable little pod that you carry in your handbag to instantly charge your IPhone on the go.

5. Scarves.  A scarf is a great way to instantly change your outfit.  Really, you could change the look of your outfit from one day to another...by just switching up your scarf!

Posted by Katie on 3/9/2012  |  5:31 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Linda L's Amazingggg Vodka Sauce

Recently I've fallen in love...

The Faye's peeps were at a party of some sorts awhile back and Linda L. fixed up this crazzzy good pasta dish with her homemade vodka sauce. Being the mother hen that she is she dished out leftovers in individual little tupperware for everyone. Since I already know I'm not EVER going to live it down I will tell you what I did that night. I was so sly. I took TWO tupperware all for myself. Wow oh my gosh CJ how dare you. Did I take dessert? No. Just pasta. Everyone bugs me to this day about taking TWO tupperware at the party. Linda knew I had an infatuation.

Today...Linda....the lady with five million other things to do...walks in the door with a paper shopping bag in her hand. I KNOW what it is. She made the sauce. At this point I belt out a sound that comes out awkward 'cuz it's kinda a shriek but then I realize customers can probably hear me. She hands me my ration and I prance to my vehicle and lock it up for safe keeping. I'm like a squirrel with a nut. And, tonight...I ate pasta with some of her vodka sauce. With perfectly cooked pasta (Linda I hope you read this-- I literally took one of my bar stools and SAT by the stove so I wouldn't over cook the pasta). A little vino and I'm spent.

It's that good.

Posted by CJ on 3/6/2012  |  8:00 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Old News but Still Fun...

 Have you stopped talking about the Oscars?  We're still opining now and again.  I had such fun the morning after on the Morning Blend w/Bjorn Nassett and Molly and Tiffany dishing about our BESTS and WORSTS.  These were my sentiments:



nude Colors (interesting ‘cuz this season’s sportswear is so colorful and graphic)

Minimal jewelry...diamond coil necklaces looked fresh

A lot of matching between makeup and dresses and jewelry

Bottom-of-dress interest


Stringy Hair????? (Nina Garcia on the Red Carpet w/Tim Gunn before the show)


My OSCARS go to




Tina Fey...FOR FINALLY LOOKING LIKE A STAR (and standing up straight)

Peplum is a trend, and it looked good on her


Stacy Kiebler...FOR THE NIGHT'S BEST ACCESSORY (George Clooney)

Oh, the Marchesa dress was lovely, too

 Other Standouts


Meryl Streep...

LOTS OF LAME -- too much lame

Sometimes doesn't bother to get it together...she tried......really hard...give her points for that

 Maya Rudolph

Simple yet interesting...hard to do both of these in 1 dress.

More earrings?

 Rooney Mara

Simple but edgy...just what we would expect

Givenchy...said she chose the dress just "hours before the ceremony"

Guess that didn't leave enuff time to find jewelry!!!!!

One of the diamond coils that were all the rage woulda done the trick?

 Cameron Diaz and J Lo...don't know if it was intentional, but I thought their Matched Look at the dais worked.

And, the booty shot was classic

 Gwyneth Paltrow

Tom Ford column w/cape: Fashion Superhero

One of the biggest "risks" of the night

I like it

Princess of Monaco



Forehead the size of Monaco

 Michelle Williams

Orange peplum dress: LOVED the brooch; pink clutch a lovely surprise

 ANGELINA....classic LBD/red lips

This was a "miss" on a lot of lists...but, this is a "fall back" look for most of us, and it ALWAYS WORKS in my book...I didn't see the "jutting right leg" that everyone is all aTwitter about

 CJ Weighed In:

Gwyneth Paltrow- ohh my gosh. Love the dress. Even more…love the matching cape she had over it on the red carpet.

 Stacey Keibler (Clooney’s date/girl)- looked like a beautiful Oscar statue in her gold number

Sandra Bullock- serious in the front and sexy in the back

 Michelle William- peplum perfection. Simplicity with the jewelry made it a homerun


Christian Bale scares me!

I thought Robert Downey Jr looked good in all black and a sparkly grey bowtie!

 My faves were Gwyneth… Gorgeous. Good ol’ Tom Ford!

Sandra Bullock. She’s so pretty and sweet.

Cameron looked good from afar.

JLo, boring… hair too harsh.

Glenn Close looked so good with her lil nod to her character.

I liked the pretty mint dress on The Artist actress…

 Did anyone else notice it seemed to be all about the earring?


Oh, Alex is oh so wrong!!!  Christian Bale, so hot.  Robert Downey Jr., yes, yes, yes.  Gwyneth, beautiful and I don’t even like her.  Sandra, can you say bag??  Cameron, just eat.  JLo fabulously beautiful even if her hair is harsh. 



Glenn Close

Cameron Diaz (Jen is gonna cut her hair)

but her Best Of Show?  Sandra Bullock!


OK, if you haven't totally moved on, let us know what you thought? 

Posted by Faye on 3/6/2012  |  4:35 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Scarves Galore!

Faye and Linda came back from NY with scarves,  lots and lots of scarves!   Stop in,  we can surely find one you'll love!

Ask us about the new way to tie... ;)

Posted by Michele A. on 3/1/2012  |  3:17 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)



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