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Eileen Fisher May 22-26

Liverpool Try On Event May 23


Eileen Fisher May 16-19

Liverpool Try On Event May 24

 Style with sophistication & support sustainability with Eileen Fisher.

Eileen Fisher

Simple. Sensual. Beautiful. Timeless. Functional.

These five values form the foundation for the Eileen Fisher design Aesthetic.

Next, is what Eileen Fisher calls, “The System”. This is their core group of 8 garments that each serve a specific purpose and are timeless in nature. These pieces will work with just about everything in your closet, and they’re the shapes you love best, in fabrics you trust. The pieces in The System intermix perfectly with styles in every new Eileen Fisher collection.

In this way, Eileen Fisher designs build upon each other; specifically in fabrics and colors, so that you can continually create a cohesive and evolving wardrobe throughout the years. The line as a whole shifts only gradually. A woman who slips into a classic Eileen Fisher piece from ten years ago can easily layer on other elements from a newer collection.

Eileen Fishers also strives to create ethical, timeless clothes that are part of a responsible lifecycle. As a whole, this company is committed to changing the clothing industry and women’s lives. They are well known for their RENEW program that started in 2009. Bring back any old Eileen Fisher pieces and they will recycle them or find them a new home.

For the Eileen Fisher S/S 2019 collection, the focus is sophistication and sustainability.  Silk, linens, and organic cottons are the highlight.

“This season our cotton isn’t organic – and we’re proud of that. We’ve partnered with one of the few American farmers committed to growing extra long staple organic cotton. We’re supporting him while he converts 178 acres of conventional farmland to organic. It’s just one way we’re helping change the way clothes are made.”

Start building your wardrobe the sustainable way, at our Eileen Fisher Trunk Show this May.

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